International Strike of Artists

These are most of  the documents related to the 1979 unsuccessful call for the “International Strike of Artists” initiated by Goran Đorđević. As an idea perhaps it might had sense back then, but in the world that is emerging now,  it appears to be obsolete and these documents remain just as dusty traces of the distant past.

Exhibition NEĆU MOŽE, HOĆU MORA, ULUS, “Cvijeta Zuzorić”, Belgrade 2020

Published by Argos Panopty

One of the posts here begins with the question: Is it possible to think with images, to organize our thoughts and express them visually? The answer is of course – yes. However, we have to develop proper means in order to be able to do that. The intention of this place is to bring together examples of visual thinking each based on a certain set of formal rules(grammar). Like in the case of verbal languages it might be possible to define different grammars based on visual properties that would enable establishing a variety of visual languages to think in pictures, to understand and interpret the world and ourselves-visually.

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